Welcome to Nitecap Megastore, "the Cleanest Dirty Store" in New York. Established in 2003! Open - 7 days a week 363 days a year, through the Playful Spring, Uninhibited Summer, Naughty Fall, and Cozy Winter - until 3:00am on weekends. If you have dreamed of a fun chill sexy night, we can make it happen! Come in the morning, noon, night, rain sleet, snow or shine -- but take note, Nitecap is a full service shop. Loaded with avant-garde sex toys and all of the bedroom standards. While you are perusing the risqué bachelorette section, take note that opposite aisle has shoes and lingerie for petite to diva body shapes. Lubricants for all of your personal needs are copiously displayed on bookshelves, with testers. Don’t fret Fifty Shades readers; there is a big Bondage section for newbies and lifestyle warriors. With the ultimate goal of satisfaction, they take their fun job seriously. The shop hosts two workshops a month (goodies included). They help keep relationships strong & adventurous. If you think you know it all or want to learn something new, come! You’re tired of the same ol’ hangouts anyway – admit it.



Nitecap’s Smoke Shop is top notch! Showcases filled with heady elaborate scientific water pipes and more rolling papers than an ice cream shop has flavors on tap. If you are all about that Vape Life, we have every gizmo and gadget aplenty. Staying ahead of the ECig boom, peep the E-Smoke Shop and towering Juice Box. Nitecap will give you flavor tips, help you build a crazy cloud chasing coil, and help troubleshoot any issues. If you’re a traditional smoker and roll your own, we have you covered too. New beat style and classics that never go out; we carry shirts, swag, tapestries and support/represent local.